Frequently asked questions – Wedding photography

Q – Your prices have gone up since we paid our deposit, will I be charged extra?
A – No, the amount is fixed to whatever my pricing was at the time of booking.

Q – Do you deliver every wedding photo?
A – We do not deliver every single image, as part of our service we go through all the images individually and get rid of technically incorrect or duplicate shots.

Q – How many wedding images do you deliver?
A – We usually deliver a minimum of 400 images for a full day, and 200 for half day weddings, however that number could be much higher depending on the day itself.

Q – Do you offer an engagement session or pre wedding photoshoot?
A – Yes, all bookings receive a free pre-shoot at a location of your choice within 30 miles of Southport.

Q – How many engagement photos will I receive?
A – I don’t really have a number for this, but generally 5 to 10 edited images. That number could be much higher, it really depends what happens on the day.

Q – Can we use the photos for our invitation cards?
A – Of course, I would be honored if you used my images for your save the date cards.

Q – What is documentary wedding photography?
A – People have many definitions for it, ultimately it is a marketing word. For me it stands for natural, candid and unobtrusive.

Q – My wedding venue looks really dark and they do not allow flash, will this be a problem?
A – No problem, I don’t use flash during the ceremony anyway as it can be distracting.

Q – Do you edit every photo you deliver?
A – Yes, every photograph you receive will have been inspected and edited individually. We apply color and exposure corrections, as well as cropping and toning.

Q – Will you be photographing my wedding?
A – Yes, I will always be there, sometimes with an assistant or second photographer if you have requested one.

Q – How many hours do you suggest we set aside for the creative photos?
A – That is ultimately up to you, but I would recommend at least half an hour.

Q – What are your opinions on doing a ‘first look’ before the ceremony?
A – Again, this is up to you, sometimes it is easier to get the family photos done early, that way you get to enjoy cocktail hour uninterrupted.

Q – We have photographer friends, do you mind if they photograph the wedding too?
A – I don’t mind at all, as long as they don’t obstruct me in an obvious way, it should be fine, the more the merrier!

Q – What are your views on unplugged weddings?
A – Honestly I don’t mind, I think it would be nice to have a ceremony where nobody had their iPhone out, but its not realistic.

Q – How long will it take before we receive our images?
A – I usually try to get all my editing done within 3 weeks post wedding.