My name is Joe Topping, I’m a documentary style photographer based in the UK.


I am a professional photographer. I photograph pretty much everything. I play the guitar in my spare time. I have a degree in photography. I’m available for hire to photograph small weddings and elopements in the UK.


I first got into photography at age 17, after winning a camera placing 1st in a photography competition (luck!). I have been “in business” since 2015 photographing weddings.


I am based in the north-west of England. I’m available for hire throughout the UK.


I photograph pretty much everything in a documentary style, which is all about capturing the moment as it happens. I prefer to hang back and not be too intrusive, plus I feel the best photographs of people are when they are unaware of the camera.


I originally wanted to be an artist (painter or illustrator) or play rhythm guitar in a band. I took art A-levels but quit shortly after as I did not enjoy their program. Their grading criteria accounted less of your actual skill and more an ability to reference sources, as if everything must be derivative. So, I applied for a national diploma to study photography.